The Owl Sign Conspiracy

Siegbert Lattacher
Krimis & Thriller, Romane & Erzählungen, Religion & Spiritualität

Magnus Lorenzi inherits 70 year old manuscripts with a religious content from his long gone grandfather: messages from the apostles of Christ transmitted from the afterlife which he committed to paper night after night. The written heritage of his grandfather contains the truth about Jesus Christ, his life and work and the Original Revelation, which Christ had allowed John the Seer to witness on Patmos. Yet the members of the community following the Sign of the Owl want to stage the end of the world as it is written in the Apocalypse. They make it their aim to destroy everything that crosses their plans. Paintings by Hieronymus Bosch are defaced and the person possessing the Original Revelation of John the Seer is persecuted. Plans to assassinate the pope are entering the rumour mill. In the end, the conspirators even go as far as to hatch a plan to have Jesus Christ himself appear on Earth.