The Art of Transformation

How We Can Learn to Change the World

Stefan Brunnhuber
Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten

In this non-fiction popular scientific reader, I argue for a more honest debate about the limits of both our knowledge and our wealth, for a more truthful engagement with and respect for our fears concerning the future, for greater differentiation between growth and developmental processes, for a deeper understanding of uncertainty and the associated public management of risk, for greater modesty, humility and mindfulness of what we believe we truly know and are able to do, for bowing to our own inadequacy, fragility and the transience of our thought, and for greater consideration of the life sciences in times of personal and social transformation.

"Wee need such a book at the Club of Rome."
ERNST ULRICH VON WEIZÄCKER, Co President of the Club of Rome

"The little Harry Potter of the current sustainabilitydiscourse"
PROF. TIMO LEUKEFELD, energy expert ambassador to the German government

"This book shows how to overcome the dilemmas..."
PROF. WOLF SINGER, Director of Neurophysiology, Max Planck Institut, Frankfurt

"A physiological perspective on sustainability - that is fully real. It is just waiting to be realized."
GARRY JACOBS, President, World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS)

"A book that must be read - is my strong recommendation."
HEITOR GURGOLINO DE SOUZA, President, World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS)

"I strongly recommend the book."
PROF. MICHAL KLEIBER, former president of the Polish Academy of Science, Polish

"Change come from within. We need such a book for the most relevant debate ahead."
PROF. DR. DR. FELIX UNGER, heart surgeon, President of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

"This is an important contribution on the societal challenges involved in the twilight of capitalism."
RAINER VOSS, former investment banker, protagonist in "Master of the Universe"

"This book provides the first psychilogical explanation of how to overcome the need for permanent economic growth."
PROF. E. HÖDL, University of Wuppertal