"Icediamonds Trilogy Volume 1" von Stefan Prebil

Icediamonds Trilogy Volume 1

Who fails to honor, will be humbled

Stefan Prebil
Krimis & Thriller

Adventure, passion, unspeakable greed and
international money laundering.
In Volume One, meet downshifter Samuel Frei,
a man in his mid-fifties. Sam gladly ditches his
corporate manager life to become a diving guide
in the icy waters of Iceland's Silfra fissure, fulfilling
a dream of his younger years.
By far the eldest, he adapts to his new life,
promptly falling hopelessly in love with a lovely
young colleague.
As a volcano erupts beneath the Langjökull glacier in
the center of Thingvellir Park, a deadly lahar devours
tourists and puts a brutal end to the contemptuous
business with Nature.
Sam and a handful of colleagues barely
escape the disaster, making a sensational discovery
that will radically change their lives.