Deadly Compulsions

Steve Lawson
Krimis & Thriller

The wife of a South London gangster boss is brutally beaten and murdered. Eyewitnesses identify her lover Tony Simpson as the murderer. Simpson reads in the morning paper of the police hunt for him, but after a night of heavy drinking he suffers from amnesia and has no alibi. His wife refuses support, and he must seek shelter with friends. Soon he discovers a devious plot to frame him, and he finds out that a look-alike is impersonating him. Knowing that the police would not believe his story, he sets out to find the murderer himself.

As more and more of Simpson’s friends are attacked, he must make a decision that will change everything. The reader will also ask if Tony Simpson should continue exposing the lives of his friends to danger, or should he face a possibly unfair murder trial. Will the truth come to light without further sacrifices? This thrilling novel provides readers with a captivating crime story that will surprise with an unexpected twist in the tale.