Of Goblins, Magic Eggs, Pirates, the Mystic Rose and the Hairy Ball

A Multilingual Voyage in Five Stories

Students SIS Swiss International School
Ab 6 Jahren

Will Jake be able to rescue his beloved sister Anna and his parents from the dangerous Goblins? Will Julie find out whether her daunting dreams come true?
This book contains five stories in four different languages (Portuguese, French, German and English) that have been written by students of SIS Swiss International Schools worldwide. The stories emerged in the context of the Interschool Activity 2017 and demonstrate the students’ creativity, vivid imagination and fine sense for language. Each narrative contains four chapters, contributed by four different groups of various class levels (from preschool to grade 10).
Not only the stories themselves deserve a closer look, the storytellers’ handmade illustrations make the book come alive. Detailed landscapes and colourful drawings of animals, heroes and fortresses make the stories even more vivid.