Suman Lederer
Romanhafte Biografien, Krimis & Thriller

Suvarna, a simple Indian girl, neither poor nor rich, lives a normal life in India. She loves life and her friends. After a traumatic experience in her young life, at the age of nineteen she goes to her mother in Germany, where she lives a carefree life. Then she goes to Austria and meets her husband. Even after experiences that test her, she does not give up, goes her way and eventually reaches a very good level in her profession. A few years later, the family moves to Jakarta for some time for professional reasons.

Unfortunately, such happiness attracts, in addition to many positive outcomes, sometimes negative reactions, most often envy. A group of women come together for different motivations and, with the support of some people who are looking for Suvarna's international contacts, target Suvarna's entire network on the most popular private and professional networking sites. After the first invented story, it’s easy to keep going, so they do. The result: false accusations against Suvarna, prepared witnesses, massive intrusions into her privacy, attempted damage to her reputation through manipulated stories, the resulting destruction and spreading of her privacy, betrayal by her own friends and relatives, destruction of all trust, and unfortunately a thorough acquaintance with the dark side of human nature. One of the main purposes of all the betrayal? Networking!

Suvarna's story is an autobiographical novel that alternates between the past and the present and moves very subtly in the genres crime, psychological and conspiracy stories.