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Sunshinegoldenchild .

It all started with a diary which became her refuge on days when no one else understood and later was her key to freedom when unpacking the years of pain and trauma. Writing became her therapy, transforming pain into words that now read her story.

Sunshinegoldenchild is the daughter of a Trinidadian father and a German mother. She was raised in a small village in Germany which never felt like home to her. Growing up she struggled with her sense of belonging and identity, got lost in depression and heartbreak. She escaped the small-minded borders of her village and dived headfirst into a whole new world which turned everything upside down for her. She promotes self-love, body-positivity and women empowerment.

With her honest and raw approach of sharing pieces of her journey, she reaches an unprecedented level of empathy and relatability amongst young women throughout all walks of life, but especially other women of color in who she seeks to inspire transformation and self-growth.

Sunshinegoldenchild utilizes the intimacy of poetry and the art of the written word to weave the cloth between our individual experiences and collective liberation as women.

She is a former poetry slam champion and performed on national and international stages such as in Germany, New York, and London. Some of her essays and poetry have been featured in several digital publications. Her writing style is easy to read yet full of colorful metaphors and imagery, sprinkled with enough optimism and a bounty of passionate dreamy lines that are bound to touch readers to their core.