Watering your Crown

A story about breaking and rising up stronger again, one about self-reflection and growth

Sunshinegoldenchild .
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Sunshinegoldenchild examines the alchemy between brain, heart and soul by sharing her journey from depression to the desire of honest self-love. She seeks to highlight the nuances of growing up as a young woman of color in a predominantly white society while putting our feelings on self worth or lack thereof in context of capitalism, white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy and then empowers you to redefine your story, show yourself more compassion and fall back in love with the amazing human you are.

„Watering my Crown“ is the perfect title for a book that promotes a proactive approach to finding your individual happiness, delivered in a raw and honest approach of sharing pieces to the author´s own personal journey and then giving insight to the methods and inspiration she has pulled from to rising from her place of darkness back to the light. Full of insights, wisdom, and clarity Sunshinegoldenchild teaches you how to shed self-sabotaging habits, the importance of cutting toxic people out of your life and instead growing into your best and most authentic self making your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing a priority.