HUMAN MILK - An almost true story

Sven Frank
Krimis & Thriller

She screamed. The cellphone fell out of her hands. She tried picking it up as she hurriedly dashed out of the house. The sky became grey and hazy to Jenny as she approached the scene of the accident. His body laid upon a stretcher, the Paramedic Practitioner pronounced him dead just as she ran towards his body. She paused. It was simply unbelievable. Tears dropped from her eyes, her mouth torn wide open, her world crumbled as those words sunk into her ear. Immediately, she fainted and fell to the ground .

This ward is unlike the other wards Jenny ever stayed in. The luxurious setting of this place absorbs her gaze so much that she incessantly peers at every item aesthetically arranged in the ward. She is glad, although this glee is bed-rocked by numerous questions. She loves the newness that this is going to herald to her; the comfort, sanity and peace of mind.

Every day, she is provided with extremely rich organic foods that are majorly consumed by the society’s proletariat. The last time she ate a highly rich organic food was when Jack invited her over to his crib for a date, she ate and ate till she had no might to lift herself off the couch.

But what is the secret of this mysterious place and will she ever be able to escape this luxury alive?