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Team of authors of the Phoenix-Journals

The team of authors of the Phoenix-Journals unites beings from the so-called "Brotherhood of light of the cosmic realms“. Among them is e.g. Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Esu Jesus Jmmanuel Sananda, Archangel Gabriel, Saint Germain, etc.
Haton has meanwhile outed himself to be nobody lesser than our Creator Son Christ Michael Aton and by this identity represents the highest authority among the authors.
Their contributions were transmitted via short-wave radio signals directly to their authorized scribe, Mrs. Doris Ekker, called „Dharma“.
Please do not mix up this form of transmission with the "Channellings“ from entities with similar names which spread far and wide in the "esotheric/New Age community“. The reader who is ready to explore the "spirit“ of the PJ's by heart will quickly sense a meaningful energetic difference compared to what else is available on the market, which brings him a gift of deep insight and resonance with the divine essence living in all of us.