From the Heuberg to the New World

Emigrants from Renquishausen to America

Thorsten Buhl
Politik & Geschichte

In almost 100 years between 1815 and
1914, some seven million Germans came to America. The immigrants of the first and second generation attached importance to integration in their new home country. Their descendants, however, developed a new awareness of their German roots.

From Renquishausen there were at least 102 persons known by name, who set out for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. Taken into consideration that the town’s average population was 428 persons, 24% of the inhabitants emigrated between 1847 and 1929. What where the reasons that forced nearly every fourth inhabitant of Renquishausen to leave his or her hometown, to separate from family and friends and to dare the expensive and risky journey into an uncertain future?

Das Buch ist auch auf Deutsch unter dem Titel "We's selmol war... Band 3: Vom Heuberg in die Neue Welt" erhältlich.