"Till we fall" von Tobias Heuer

Till we fall

Tobias Heuer
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

"Till we fall" is a modern fairy tale for grown-ups. So tenderly is magic woven into the real-world fabric of this extraordinary story that it becomes natural and plausible. Among the author’s role models in the genre were Erin Morgenstern, Eowyn Ivey, Ali Shaw and Audrey Niffenegger.

Sophie is out for a walk in Hamburg's Municipal Park with James, her Labrador Retriever. She encounters Oliver,
a young man sitting on a tree stump crying bitterly. He seems to be desperate. When she asks him what's wrong,
he claims to be the Fall personified, and that he is frantic because he has lost the ability to usher in the season and all the
changes that come with it. It is already October. The leaves should have started to fall long ago. If Oliver won’t
succeed in finally initiating fall, all of nature is in jeopardy. Sophie decides to help the stranger. Together they try to find
a way for Oliver to regain his power. It doesn’t take long for Sophie to fall in love with him. During their search,
they discover not only the true nature of seasons, but also how the seasons relate to all human feelings.


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