98,6° F

Ideal Body Temperature as the Secret to Optimum Health

Uwe Karstädt
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98,6° F - the ideal body temperature for us people. 98,6° F - the guarantor for good blood circulation and optimum health 98,6° F - the mainstay for powerful vitality and strong immune system remedial practical person Uwe Karstädt discovers undertemperatures of 94.1°- 96,8° F with 70% of his patients with chronic illnesses and comes to the statement: „Cold person – ill person. “ 98,6° F is the natural operating temperature for us people. Immune system, vitality and metabolism decrease with temperature loss about 50-70%. The warm loss often appears with cold hands and feet, but also with the chronic cold illnesses: Depressions, Burnout, tiredness, arthrosis, impotence, Parkinson, MS and dementia as well as many other ones. Even to cancer tumour grow faster with 95° F. An optimum effect from preparations and therapies from all medical directions is reached only with 98,6° F Uwe Karstädt shows slightly understandably and in all depth the causes of the "body cold", but also proven, understandable and slightly moveable methods to expel the cold so that bodies and psyche find the way back to powerful health. The necessary foundation shows 98,6° for every form of therapy and healing. For many years remedial practical person and bestselling author Uwe Karstädt, year in 1953, has interested many people in natural welfare customer with his sensational books and has aroused enthusiasm. Millions of readers have already profited from his knowledge and have found by his recommendations to better health and more quality of life. „7 revolutions of the medicine“ „The triangle of the life“ "entgiften-statt-vergiften" and „The acid of the life“ as well as his relaxation programmes "PowernaPlus" and "Alpha8" are, in the meantime, classics the natural welfare customer. His new book „98,6° F“ is another landmark to the understanding of health and natural welfare customer.