the black gold of the earth

Veronika Bond
Freizeit, Haus & Garten

Humus is the most precious resource on earth. Our survival depends on it, and it is running out. Dramatic losses of fertile soils are caused mostly by human activities. But humans can also help regenerate humus.
'HUMUS, the black gold of the earth' is an invitation to become EarthKeepers. If we want to take care of Mother Earth, then we must get to know her better.
What makes her come alive? What kind of food does the soil need? In what environment can the soil-population grow and thrive? These are some of the questions explored in this book.
Everybody can do something to take care of our soils and keep the earth alive. It is easier than you might think.



Veronika Bond

»This book is a riveting journey into where it all begins, the centre of life, the humus in the soil, this great mystery that feeds and protects us all. The book goes deep and sheds light on how life is created right under our feet. It gives clear examples, showing how to nurture humus and sustain the soil.

The importance of this book cannot be overstated – after all without humus there would be no life!«

Asa Mark & Hilary Bain,
the makers of the film The Worm Is Turning



Review by Cynthia Adina Kirkwood, author of 'Turn on Tune out'


»'HUMUS, the black gold of the earth' is more than a manual; it’s more than a history, it’s more than a scientific treatise. It is all of these and more...

HUMUS is a joy to read and a challenge to our humanity to pick up a spade and save our earth mother.«

Read the complete review here: https://humusforearthkeepers.wordpress.com/the-book/