Handbook of Product Liability / Recall / Insurance in Germany

Viktor Foerster, Tibor Foerster, Tim Pahl
Sachbücher, Lernen & Nachschlagen, Business & Fachbücher, Business & Karriere

The Handbook of Product Liability / Recall / Insurance in Germany introduces readers to the fundamentals of product liability law in Germany (current as of 01.01.2012) by presenting the content in the following areas:

Product Liability
This chapter provides the reader with an overview of product liability under German law. It covers claims for damages caused by a defective product under different statutory sources, including the different preconditions and consequences of such claims.

Product Recall
This chapter informs the reader of the obligations of producers and
distributors under German law covering product recall.Furthermore, it provides information regarding the relevant authorities covering product recalls for the main sectors of industry and commerce.

This chapter explains the different and specific insurances that cover
product liability in Germany, such as: Business Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Product Recall Insurance, Contaminated Products/Financial Loss Insurance and Product Guarantee Insurance.

fr_dkm_productliability Database
The fr_dkm_productliability database is a digital knowledge management
tool available to companies or businesses to help them fulfill their legal obligations in regards to product liability cases.