"Become a Hero for Women: How to start – and keep – a fulfilling relationship with a woman (Knowing what she really wants)" von Mathieu Laurent

Become a Hero for Women: How to start – and keep – a fulfilling relationship with a woman (Knowing what she really wants)

Mathieu Laurent, Vincent Paul
Gesundheit, Familie, Lebenshilfe

Become a Hero for Women – and create real difference between you and all the other guys out there.

You’ve probably read lots of books about how you can win a woman, and perhaps you’ve heard lots of advice from friends. But the biggest problem men face is that most of us have no idea how women really think, or what’s important to them in a man.

For many men, women are a mystery – a mystery we unwind in this book, as we explain to you how women tick. We reveal the genuine, deeply rooted elements of your being that will give you long-term success with women. If you desire a deep-seated relationship and want to know how to create a lasting, fantastic and inspiring life with a woman after your initial flirtation, then you will find the answers here in this book.

For a woman, a heroic man is like winning the lottery, and our coaching book shows you the all-encompassing path to becoming a hero.
(Keep in mind that even an independent and self-confident woman is waiting for a hero.)

We, Mathieu Laurent & Vincent Paul, have been working for many years as life coaches and have coached countless people to, into and through relationships. We conducted many face-to-face conversations with women, because we wanted to know what a woman really wants from a man. How does she want a man to act? What does a woman like? How do we men communicate effectively with a woman? This book lays out everything you need to know about women.

A small sample of the many questions our book will answer:

- How do I flirt with sophistication and success?
- What does a woman really want from a man?
- How do I impress a woman with subtle gestures?
- How do I win my dream woman?
- How does a bachelor or a guy in a stable relationship make himself into a hero for women?
- What are some tips to help me really understand a woman?

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