The Land of the white Birds

Volker Schmidt
Ab 6 Jahren

THE LAND OF THE WHITE BIRDS presents a chance for children aged 6-12 and their parents to increase their environmental awareness together. It is a book for reading on your own as well as for reading aloud. The book contains a section with a varied range of activities, based on the super learning system, that help to deepen the children‘s knowledge about processes of cause and effect in our natural environment.
Young readers are captivated following the adventures of Nick, a young hare who lives in the country, and Croak, a city-dwelling raven. The two face a series of challenges that threaten to endanger and destroy their habitat, nature around them and indeed our whole planet. But there is also Mull, a wise mole. He can see into the future and he knows that the efforts many people make to create a worthwhile future won't be in vain. Also, Mull knows that it is children in particular – the "little humans", as he calls them – who can help the plants, the animals and the whole earth to have a better life.