Dr. Kostrubala and the Invention of Running Therapy

Festschrift commemorating his 90th birthday, in four languages: English – Español – Français – Deutsch

Wolfgang W. Schüler
Biografien & Erinnerungen

Dr. Thaddeus L. Kostrubala, an anthropologist, doctor and psychiatrist (retired) from Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a pioneer in the field of running therapy and founder of the related therapy approach known as Paleoanalysis. In particular, he is known for his work “The Joy of Running” (1976), which became a bestseller and a classic in the US running and international running therapy movement. It has been translated into multiple languages, and was recently reissued and expanded by the author. This text by Wolfgang W. Schüler, M.A., Germany, traces the visionary Dr. Kostrubala’s running therapy path – which sometimes resembles a Greek tragedy – from its beginnings to the present day. It is being published on the occasion of Dr. Kostrubala’s 90th birthday in September 2020, in English, Spanish, French and German, in the form of a book with historical and current photos.