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Xiaoshuai Yuan

Xiaoshuai Yuan is an Entrepreneur and an Angel investor with a multicultural background. She was born in Beijing and grew up in Europe. She graduated with a master degree in Finance, a master degree in Business Administration and a doctor's degree in International Management. She studied, worked and travelled in Europe, North America and Asia for years.
Xiaoshuai found a Business Consultant firm in 2011 and started working as an Angel investor to consult Start-ups. She successfully funded many companies in China and Europe in various industries.
Xiaoshuai's educational background, professional experience, international philosophy and the female-investor's perspective allow her having a sensitivity for the business chances, deep understanding for the industry, sentiency of the market development and the control of business operation. Being risk-sensitive and having appropriate strategies win Xiaoshuai a reputation as a overperformed Business Angel in the international business field.